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Most families have colorful characters in their ancestry, such as a great-grandmother who scandalously eloped with a soldier or a convict exiled to Australia, and their stories are passed down through the generations. But many others who led more conventional lives tend to fade into a data point on an ancestral tree or a name in a family Bible. That’s a shame, given that their genes and struggles helped shape who we are today.

But these ancestors can be revived. At Family History Profiles, we bring them to “life” by investigating their times and places, and dressing up bare-bone dates and names with personalized historical descriptions. We produce documents that vividly situate your long-gone family members in their local environment. This enables you and your descendants, even hundreds of years from now, to picture these ancestors as they spent their days. Our specialty is family lines from Denmark, but we also follow offshoots in other Northern European countries.

To learn about your ancestors’ worlds, we investigate many potential influences on their lives, such as:

• Their school, lessons and household chores

• Their job activities, training and tools of the trade

• Foods they ate and what they grew, raised or bought

• Their housing and town, and their relationship with the authorities

• Any wars, natural disasters and epidemics affecting them

• How they spent their Sundays and rituals around baptism, marriage and death, as well as traditions on special occasions. And much, much more.

Family History Profiles documents contain not only extensively-researched history woven into professionally crafted text, but also photos, illustrations, maps, posters and family tree diagrams. They’re family treasures to share now and to pass down through the ages.


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