Danish fairy tale author Hans Christian Andersen spent all day partying 150 years ago, when his former hometown of Odense made him an honorary citizen – a venerated tribute last granted to a king. To echo the day’s grand finale, when Andersen’s path to city hall was lit by a train of torches, Odense is staging a “Field of Light” exhibit. Denmark’s Crown Prince Frederik is opening the show on the historic anniversary date, December 6.

Andersen was born in Odense and is known to have lived in two different houses there. But when he was 14, three years after his shoemaker father died, he headed for Copenhagen, never to return as a resident. His fairy tales made him world-famous, and Odense wanted to reclaim and honor their special native son, so officials arranged to make him an “æresborger” or honorary citizen. Andersen held the title for the last eight years of his life. Today, Odense – Denmark’s third largest city – is the global focus of Andersen tourism, including museums, artworks, restaurants and other ways to highlight the author and his storybook characters.

The “Field of Light” exhibit, by English artist Bruce Munro, will shine in Odense from Dec 6 until the week of Feb 19, 2018. Another development in the city likely to please Andersen fans is a large New Hans Christian Andersen Museum, under construction and scheduled to open in 2020.

Odense city coat-of-arms


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